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AirMed Plus GmbH

Open up to Europe by finding the right partners.

Birger Nispel felt it was time for AirMed PLUS to grow. So he contacted the Enterprise Europe Network to know all the opportunities offered by the single market. The Enterprise Europe Network helped him find new business partners thanks to matchmaking and brokerage events and the world’s largest online directory.

The company's new web shop went online at the beginning of 2018 and thus the expansion of the product portfolio. In search of products that are of interest for distribution, Birger Nispel contacted the NRW.Europa team. Together with the experts at ZENIT GmbH they created a profile entry in the cooperation platform of the Enterprise Europe Network. The response was very good. More than forty companies around the world responded by announcing their interest in getting in touch. One of them was the REX-SAN Ltd. from Hungary. Founded in 1991, the company manufactures orthopaedic appliances such as orthotics (wrist, knee, elbow, ankle, shoulder, hip-bell, lumbar, and neck supports), metal walkers, and other medical care products such as canes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, showers and toilet chairs. The product portfolio ranges from home care to rehabilitation.
Both companies from Germany and Hungary quickly got in touch, and on the occasion of the Healthcare Brokerage Event organized by the NRW.Europe team at ZENIT during the MEDICA 2018, they met for the first time in person. Both companies were accompanied in their talks by their responsible partners in the Enterprise Europe Network and decided to deepen the discussions and to test cooperation with each other.

After a few more contacts and the translation of the product information into German, the first Rex-San products were offered as a test at the end of 2018 in the AirMed Plus web shop. A short time later, a binding cooperation was signed. Both companies are expected to increase their sales and improve their market position. The figures available so far are in line with expectations. In addition to the German-Hungarian cooperation, the entry in the database resulted in another potential partnership, for which bilateral negotiations are currently taking place.
"I am overwhelmed how many interesting and promising responses we have received to our business inquiry through the Enterprise Europe Network's collaboration platform. For me, this resulted in many exciting new cooperation and sales opportunities in Europe", Nispel said.


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