Wir unterstützen kleine und mittlere Unternehmen mit europäischem und internationalem Fokus.

Airmed Plus GmbH

Open up to Europe by finding the right partners

Birger Nispel felt it was time for AirMed PLUS to grow. So he contacted the Enterprise Europe Network to know all the opportunities offered by the single market. The Enterprise Europe Network helped him find new business partners thanks to matchmaking and brokerage events and the world’s largest online directory.

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Corevas - Emergency Eye

When smartphones save lives

Sometimes tragic events can give people great ideas – as the story of Emergency Eye demonstrates. With this software from Corevas, emergency response centres can pinpoint the exact location of an accident and ensure emergency services are deployed rapidly. Thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network, the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises, the fledgling company found the right IT partner.

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Genome Biologics

Securing EU grants to change the way we develop drugs

An aging population, fast-paced advances in medicine and ethical concerns are calling for innovations in drug development. The Frankfurt-based biotech start-up Genome Biologics aims at revolutionising the way medication is developed and tested. Made possible by the support of the European Enterprise Network, Genome Biologics’ recent success as participants of the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument programme has put the company on the map.

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Huesker and Aquawand

A successful cooperation for sustainable flood protection A success story of two companies from the Münsterland region, which are jointly developing international markets with the support of EEN

Huesker Synthetic GmbH from Gescher in the Münsterland region is a specialist for high-quality geotextiles. The materials, some of which are patented, are used in earthworks and foundation engineering, road construction and environmental technology. As a rule, they are used for stabilisation or sealing.

The high-performance PVC material must also be excellently suited for use in flood protection, thought Aquaburg managing director Hartmut Wibbeler from Münster when he developed an innovative flood protection product. The two companies quickly recognised the advantage of bundling their expertise and now also use the know-how of the NRW.Europa team of ZENIT GmbH for their cooperation for various problem solutions and questions. The declared aim of both companies is to jointly exploit the potential assumed in foreign markets.

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Less stress thanks to good teamwork

Together you are twice as strong. INOQ GmbH impressively demonstrates that this applies not only to humans, but to plants as well. The company, based in Lower Saxony, develops and distributes biostimulants, soil fungi that settle on the roots of plants, thereby enhancing their resilience. While looking for solutions to make their product development more efficient, INOQ turned to the Enterprise Europe Network, the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises, and was successful in receiving support.

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Klero GmbH

Steinmetz 4.0 – Berlin-based company revolutionises robotics

The first hurdle seemed to have been cleared when Berlin-based company KleRo, together with its partners, prevailed against strong competition and received confirmation that it would receive some highly competitive EU funding. However, coordinating the administrative side of the funded project soon became a challenge that was too difficult for the company to handle on its own. The Enterprise Europe Network provided the necessary expertise and helped the team to successfully implement the project.

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Nüwiel GmbH

Clean travel through the city with smart transport solutions

Ridding our cities of air pollution, noise and unnecessary traffic is the declared goal of Hamburg start-up NÜWIEL. Using electric bicycle trailers, the three founders want to rethink mobility and improve the quality of life in cities. With the support of the Enterprise Europe Network, they can now make their vision become a reality across Europe. 

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Sky Skan Europe

Well advised thanks to the right contacts across the EU

What do the RMS Queen Mary 2 and Notre Dame University in Indiana have in common? Both use Sky-Skan's innovative projection technology. Sky-Skan Europe, based in Seeshaupt, Bavaria, supplies multimedia systems to planetariums, museums and theatres throughout Europe. When inconsistent standards within the EU created obstacles for the company, the Enterprise Europe Network was on hand.

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Vertical gardens conquer the world

Stuttgart-based start-up Visioverdis wants to improve the urban environment with innovative façade gardens, because more plants mean a cleaner and healthier atmosphere in rapidly growing cities. With the support of the Enterprise Europe Network, not only can this idea work in Germany, but in the cities of the Middle East and Asia too, thereby making a significant contribution to climate protection.

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Wildling Shoes

Open up to Europe by getting access to the finance and partners you need.

Anna Yona felt it was time for Wildling Shoes to grow as much as her ambitions. So she contacted the Enterprise Europe Network to know all the advantages offered by the single market. The Enterprise Europe Network helped her find the right sources of new capital, loans or grants to bring her company to a higher level.

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