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Wildling Shoes

Open up to Europe by getting access to the finance and partners you need.

The contact to the NRW.Europa team was created in the spring of 2018 via the "Competition for Internationalization" – an event that the Enterprise Europe Network had already organised in previous years. As one of several selected winning companies, Wildling Shoes GmbH received support in various topics. The time was just right because the company was growing very fast. Anna and her husband Rana had initially calculated with a monthly sale of around 200 pairs of shoes, while in fact they soon sold almost 30-times more through the online store.

The dedicated company founders, whose employees work exclusively in HomeOffice, used various NRW.Europe consulting services. These included market research in other European countries, the set-up of a company profile into the database of the Enterprise Europe Network, the search for potential sales and cooperation partners in Europe as well as logistics partners for overseas. Support was also provided for questions of public funding and promotion of internationalization strategies, product liability law abroad or the optimization of internal processes.

Although the founders Anna and Rana Yona had started without any prior knowledge and as newcomers to self-employment, they have already established themselves on the market and have clear ideas about the future. On the agenda for the next three years is the expansion to Austria and Switzerland. Parallel to this, various pilot projects are being prepared for market entry strategies in other European countries and the US.

"The NRW.Europa experts at ZENIT GmbH and NRW.BANK have supported us in a wide range of issues. Above all in the fields of internationalization and financing. Their information and advice were important for our company's success. Especially start-ups with high growth potential should take advantage of the offers of the Enterprise Europe Network", says Anna Yona.

So why don’t you do the same? The power to develop your business is literally at your fingertips.

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